Monitoring and tracking your social media performance

Do you know who is talking about your business? People talk about your business no matter if you are using social media or not. Engaging with your target audience is important when you can easily reply to your customers enquiries. Not answering to negative comments about your business is certainly more damaging then the original comment. The way people communicate is changing and only having a website is not enough as it used to be. It is all about engagement nowadays.

We can professionally expand your the number of visitors on your website:

Social Media Marketing Connecting Your Business to Social Media (Facebook, Blog, Twitter, YouTube, etc)
Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook)
Branding Social Media Pages
Fully Integrating Online Properties (Website, Facebook, Blog, Twitter, YouTube, etc)
Blog Creation
Improve Your Rank

Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo rank web pages based on how active they are, if your business has only a website, it will likely give you a lower rank. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogger give your business a digital boost that your business need for its digital engagement.

Social Media Visibility

Social Media Quote Peter BowmanMost of small businesses don’t have enough time or personnel to look after their social media. Don’t worry about it anymore, we can do that for you and your company. We are specialised in managing your social media with consistent updates, relevant information, engagement strategies and development of quality content.


We can manage your social media management account for only £7.50/week per social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIN Profile and Pinterest). You can also receive a complete Social media marketing report for only £20 to keep track of how many new “likes” and “followers” you gained or lost. With this report, we can track the demographics of these users in order to create content and tailor better your content. We use the latest existing software to manage your social media accounts.

Social Media PlatformsSocial Media Marketing

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr
  • LinkedIN
We will target engagement with customers through 3-4 posts a week in each of the social media platform chosen at the time. Our Social Media Report shows the performance of our campaigns through impressions, clicks, likes, comments and also your clients demographics.

It is very common that businesses just create their Facebook or Twitter accounts without being able to manage it effectively. If you find yourself lost in the social media maze, we can help.